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Vacating Procedures

 Please read before submitting your Notice to Vacate (Below)It is your responsibility to turn in your apartment keys, mailbox key, coupon booklet and gate cards if applicable for your apartment. Do not leave keys in the drop box without speaking with your property manager. Additional charges could be incurred if the aforementioned items are not completed.  We do ask that you would be kind enough to comply with the following procedures when you do leave in order to avoid any additional charges:



  1. Vacuum apartment thoroughly, removing all trash.

  2. Clean all kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.  This includes under the stove burners and in cabinets and drawers.

  3. Clean the refrigerator and turn to the middle setting. DO NOT TURN OFF!

  4. Turn off all water faucets, especially at washing machine connections.

  5. The property manager must have your forwarding address.

  6. Return all apartment keys, gate cards, mail box keys and payment vouchers and envelopes to the property manager’s office.

  7. Notify the Post Office, the Telephone Company, Electricity, Cable, Credit Card companies, banks, your employer of your new address.

  8. A move out inspection will be conducted when your furniture and contents have been removed from the apartment and you have turned your keys to the local office. 

  9. No trucks, vans, or cars are permitted on the sidewalks or grass.  All loading must be done from the parking lots.

  10. Re-confirm the date or day with the property manager the week of your move out.

  11. f you have your rent payment set up on an ACH (Bank) Draft; click here to submit your notice to vacate

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